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The Esperança property was initially acquired in 2016. Subsequently, two contiguous lands were acquired and attached in 2018 and 2019.


This property consists of cork oaks of various ages (including some centenarians), eucalyptus trees, olive trees, maritime pines, holm oaks and a chestnut plantation, with watering. The chestnut trees, already planted by us, are already producing chestnuts of the Martaínha and Betizac varieties.


In addition to the approximately 700 chestnut trees, we have already planted, sowed and protected thousands of cork oaks on the property, considerably expanding the area of cork oaks and guaranteeing the future of the areas with the oldest cork oaks.


The property borders Spain through a small stream, where we can find some typical trees on the banks of the rivers such as willows and alders .

map PT_ce_edited_edited.png

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Esperança, Arronches, Portalegre




Cork Oak, Eucalyptus, Olive Tree, Maritime-Pine, Holm Oak, Chestnut, Willow, Alder

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