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RH's forestry segment began in 2015 with the purchase of the Ribeiro de Marvão property in Alegrete, Portalegre. From that date until 2019, 7 more forestry properties were acquired.


RH decided to enter this sector for the sake of diversification and because it believes it is a segment with potential, where careful, active and responsible management can generate long-term benefits at an economic, environmental and social level.


Our properties are very diverse in terms of forest species, including cork oak for cork extraction, eucalyptus for wood and paper pulp, maritime pine for wood and resin, buçaco cedar for wood, stone pine, chestnut and pistachio for the production of respective dried fruits. There are also several other species introduced or maintained for reasons of conservation and diversity (bastard lotus, ash, willow, oaks, etc.).


The forest must be valued not only for the material resources it produces, but also for the ecosystem services it provides to all of us. We believe that carbon sequestration, biodiversity and soil conservation, regulation of the water cycle, among others, will one day be taken into account and could replace some forestry activities, thus contributing to a more multifunctional forest suited to the needs of the future.


Thank you!

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